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Education & Events

In addition to our performance art and theatre productions, Skinned Knee also provides various services to organizations that require assistance for their training sessions or entertainment events. This includes many aspects, from creation- such as script-writing and concept design, to execution – direction, performance and even post-project analysis.

Corporate Training

Training Programs

We at Skinned Knee have developed our own training programs that aim to improve various aspects relating to a person’s soft skills. Our training programs place focus on:

  • Body language
  • Team Building
  • Presentation Skills (to a wide audience, small groups and one-on-one)
  • Effective Communication

Our training programs are flexible and adaptable, thus making them completely customizable to your organization’s needs.

Actors for Role-plays

For your organization’s own employee training sessions, we are able to provide trained and experienced actors, capable of playing any role you require with the ability to place particular attention on specific aspects as requested.


Theatrical events

Whether it’s hosting, a stand-alone performance or something interactive, Skinned Knee will put on a show that will give your guests a truly memorable experience.  From murder mysteries and comedy skits to actors for human statues, live exhibits or for an idea you have no name for, we will realize your vision, and create a performance for your event, based on what experience you would like your guests to have.

Whatever you desire, let us know and we will give you a show to remember.

Children's Events & Shows

The Little Friendly Giants

The Little Friendly Giants is a Comedy Improvisation Troupe based in Singapore. Founded in 2011, they perform in public venues and corporate events.

The Little Friendly Giants was created by graduates of the LASALLE College of the Arts BA Acting and Musical Theatre courses, who have a great passion for improvisational comedy and entertainment (much like the very popular “Whose Line is it Anyway?”).

A performance by The Little Friendly Giants consists of 3 to 4 actors on stage creating comedic characters or scenes based on suggestions from the audience. The scenes will be in the style of short-form improvisation games, often from theatre-sports. Generally, a performance will last for an hour or less and can be tailored to fit its audience from children to adults.

Events for Youth

Educational Programs

Skinned Knee also creates and implements educational programs for youth and children to help develop their soft skills at an early age.  Skinned Knee utilizes theatrical devices as a means for teaching.

School Theatre Projects

Whether it’s for the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF), annual productions or one-off projects, our experienced drama teachers can create and direct theatre productions and performance pieces for children and teenagers.

Through the direction and guidance of the teacher-director, participants will not only be part of a performance, but will also learn through doing, and experience a new concept of discipline, commitment and dedication to an art form.

Children’s Events and Shows

Skinned Knee also creates and organizes events and shows for children. Whether it’s costumed characters for a birthday party or a full scale mall show – we can come up with an enjoyable experience that will leave the children with fond memories.


Children's Events & Shows
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