Big Love, Middletown, Angels in America: Millennium approaches, LASALLE 2011-2013; The Cherry Orchard, Henry VI part 3, The Necessary Theatre Company (NYC) 2010-2011.


HongBao's & Kisses, Bobbing Buoy Films 2013; National Broadway Company, Theatreworks 2012; Shakespeare in the Park: Macbeth, Fried Rice Paradise, Singapore Repertory Theatre 2010-2011.

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Sundance Film Festival Official Selection 2007; Grey’s Anatomy, 2006; Marjorie Bowman’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?.

Serangoon Road, HBO Asia/ ABC 2013; Cradle of Life, Mata Mata, Mediacorp 2013; Mister John, Akanga Film Asia/ Desperate Optimists (UK) 2013.


Dates & Time
Dec 5th – 7th 2013  |   8:00pm
Dec 7th 2013  |  3:00pm

The Vault , 237 South Bridge Rd
This is the 'original' Vault at 237 South Bridge Rd,
Singapore 058786 not the upcoming Circular RD location

Ticket Pricing
SGD$38 (plus $2.50 booking fee)

An intimately poignant and sometimes surreal exploration of the connections between love and grief, tradition and modernity, memory and reality—Ox offers its audience an up-close, visceral experience in a uniquely filmic setting.

Mei is mourning the death of her grandmother. Mei writes to remember what her late grandmother taught her about “Ngow Lek”, oxen tenacity and strength. A woman known only as She has just lost her lover; She sleeps, and finds what she wants in memories. Without distinction between night and day, the two young women navigate through dreams, legends and childhood memories. Their individual stories of love and grief are connected in a profoundly personal way. And waiting for them along these two converging paths are a lecherous wolf and a heroic ox…

In a modern Asian society such as Singapore, we have been imparted our ancestors’ fables and beliefs. These mysticisms have shaped our cultural memory, perhaps even affecting us unconsciously in our everyday life. How aware are we of the level of dependence that we have on the stories we were told in our childhood—how do we stay true to our cultural identity without losing our personal identity?

A poignant and surreal experience that is intimate yet gripping…

With a theme that centres round the connections between heritage and modernity, and in keeping with Skinned Knees’ exploration of non-traditional theatre spaces, Ox will be staged in The Vault, a restaurant bar in Chinatown where the audience can drink to a filmic theatre experience in an atmospheric urban setting.

Ox will also feature projections of original cinematography; cinematic concepts such as close-up and panning will also be applied theatrically through the actors’ movements and body isolation.

Advisory: Some Sexual Content




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