Written by: José Rivera   |   Director: Rayann Condy  Cast: Adeline Pang, Adi Jamaludin, Anette Sestol Andersen, Brendon Fernandez, Candice de Rozario, Crispian Chan, Daphne Ong, Edvin Nordenskiold, Edward Choy, Erwin Shah Ismail, Hilmi Shukur, Jamie Shawn Tan, Jasmine Koh, Jo Tan, Joanna Pilgrim, Jon Cancio, Kristy Griffin, Kluane Saunders, Matilda Chua, Pavan J Singh, Rayve Tay, Rebecca Lee, Robert Jenkin, Rosie Mcgowan, Seong Hui Xuan, Shou Chen Tan, Steve Lai, Sophie Wee, Wiggie

Dates & Time
Sept 24-28th 2013  |  8:00pm

Fine Palate, 51 Waterloo Street.

Ticket Pricing
SGD$95 (plus $3.50 booking fee)
* includes a gourmet three course meal and play.

A darkly comic exploration of contemporary love and marriage that explores what it is to be ‘man and wife’, The Woman Who Cooked her Husband serves up direct, frank and gruesome humor to a famished audience.

Hilary, a savvy and once loving housewife, faces the problem of her delinquent husband, Kenneth, who takes his dinner and clean clothes for granted. Seemingly trying to prove to himself that he still appeals to the opposite sex, he leaves his wife after nearly 20 years in favor of a new love. Sadly for Kenneth, his younger partner, Laura, can't cook to save her life. However, it is not her life that is in danger, as the philandering wretch finds himself caught between two women for whom 'hell hath no fury'.

In light of the recent White Paper, this piece wades into discussions on falling birth rates by asking us to consider the situation of the modern marriage which is at the heart of the family unit. A wonderfully morbid culinary experience…

With a theme that centres around culinary creativity, and in keeping with Skinned Knees’ exploration of non-traditonal theatre spaces, The Woman Who Cooked her Husband will be staged in a real kitchen- at Fine Palate café, where the audience will experience theatre with food pairing.

Advisory (Some sexual references and course language). Recommended for 16 and above.





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