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The Boy and The Curse of the Magic-Far-Seeing Thing

The Boy and The Curse of the Magic-Far-Seeing Thing

A young boy on an island discovers another island across the ocean. He also discovers, to his horror, inhabitants on that island in great need of help from a constant onslaught of TIGER ATTACKS! The boy, possessing great compassion, does all he can to try and save them. However, for reasons unclear at first, his ingenious attempts to save them are constantly met by great challenges.




Braham lives the simplest of lives with his wife and three children, when his hometown is suddenly attacked, and gradually destroyed, part-by-part. As the destruction and carnage gets closer to his own house, he makes the decision to take his family and run for safety, by whatever means necessary. Along the way, he is helped by some, taken advantage of by others, and has his and his family’s lives threatened. He leaves behind many priceless memories, as he journeys along the very dangerous path of becoming a refugee.

Past Productions


Mind Map of Love

A man and a woman fall in love… the possibilities are endless. You come to dinner at Zott’s: great food, fine wine, good friends. You talk, share the day, the week, insignificant nonsense and the moments that mattered. One friend begins to tell their story. It is a story of love, with a twist… You get to choose what happens next!


Apr 15th –18th 2015  |  8:00pm

Ragnarok is a challenging new work that serves as a parable of the darker aspects of human behaviour within the context of the gay culture. Using Norse mythology as an allegorical device, the play revolves around characters who frequent an archetypal gay&lesbian night club - Asgard, in which verbal and sexual violence are used as the weapons of romantic obsession, with dire consequences.


The Vault , 237 South Bridge Rd
This is the 'original' Vault at 237 South Bridge Rd,
Singapore 058786 not the upcoming Circular RD location

Dec 5th – 7th 2013 at 8:00pm |  Dec 7th 2013 at 3:00pm

Duration: 80 mins

An intimately poignant and sometimes surreal exploration of the connections between love and grief, tradition and modernity, memory and reality—Ox offers its audience an up-close, visceral experience in a uniquely filmic setting.

Mei is mourning the death of her grandmother. Mei writes to remember what her late grandmother taught her about “Ngow Lek”, oxen tenacity and strength. A woman known only as She has just lost her lover; She sleeps, and finds what she wants in memories. Without distinction between night and day, the two young women navigate through dreams, legends and childhood memories. Their individual stories of love and grief are connected in a profoundly personal way. And waiting for them along these two converging paths are a lecherous wolf and a heroic ox…

Advisory: Some Sexual Content

Sonnets For An Old Century

The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband
Fine Palate, 51 Waterloo Street  |  Sept 24-28th 2013 at 8:00pm

A darkly comic exploration of contemporary love and marriage that explores what it is to be ‘man and wife’, The Woman Who Cooked her Husband serves up direct, frank and gruesome humor to a famished audience.

A wonderfully morbid culinary experience… With a theme that centres around culinary creativity, and in keeping with Skinned Knees’ exploration of non-traditonal theatre spaces, The Woman Who Cooked her Husband will be staged in a real kitchen- at Fine Palate café, where the audience will experience theatre with food pairing.

Advisory: Some sexual references and course language. Recommended for 16 and above.

Sonnets For An Old Century

Sonnets For An Old Century
Palawan Beach, Sentosa  |   3 March 2012, Saturday

"SONNETS FOR AN OLD CENTURY is a dreamscape filled with poignant, funny, lyrical and haunting monologues from recently deceased individuals." - Sonia Borkar

The play is a beautiful piece by award winning writer José Rivera which poses the question “What would your last words be?”

Can't Stand Up For Falling Down

Can't Stand Up for Falling Down
Speakeasy  |  54 Blair Rd, Singapore 089954
30 Nov - 3 Dec 2011, 8pm  |  3 Dec 2011, 10.30pm

It is a celebration of women as friends, daughters, mothers, wives, workers and strangers - their fragility and their ability to overcome.

Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down by Richard Cameron (recently performed to high acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011) is a story told by three women.


Jen's Homecoming
The Creative Cube Theatre  |  LASALLE College of the Arts
25 – 27 Nov 2011, 8pm  |  27 Nov 2011, 3pm

Skinned Knee Productions is proud to support the development of upcoming Singaporean talents and is proud to introduce writer Yang Ming and director Hilmi Shukur.

Jen's Homecoming is a heartwarming drama about a successful fashion designer who returns home, only to discover that everything she used to know has now changed.


The Zoo Story
9 - 12 March 2011 | Flexible Performance Space, LASALLE College of the Arts

Peter is a publishing executive sitting on a park bench, reading. Along comes Jerry, seeking conversation. Jerry has just been to the Zoo, and this is his story... which Peter will listen to. Like it or not.


29 Jul - 2 Aug 2009 | Creative Cube, LASALLE College of the Arts

Are you happy? Are the people around you happy? Should they be?

“HAPPINESS” brings you on a moving and entertaining journey to rediscover the simple joys in life through movement, images and sound.