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Pavan J. Singh  |  Rayann Condy   

Pavan J. Singh : Artistic Director

Pavan J Singh is a first class honours graduate from the LASALLE College of the Arts’ BA Acting programme in Singapore. However, prior to joining the course, he has been an actor for over a decade, having performed in amateur, as well as professional theatre productions since 1997 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Having initially studied and graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Information Systems & Management and a Diploma in Economics from the University of London via HELP University College in Kuala Lumpur, Pavan first pursued a career outside of theatre, and was a marketing executive for 4 years at a multinational corporation. His time there was very well spent, as he learned the ins and outs of running a major corporate organization – particularly from the aspect of sales and marketing. He excelled at his work, consistently achieving a top performers ranking and left with the knowledge and experience needed to start his own business in the performing arts industry.

Throughout his years in college and working in KL, Pavan never stopped being an actor. He performed in, and occasionally directed, the college’s literary society’s many productions; and was the president of the society and the faculty’s Student Council.

Towards the end of his course, he started his own theatre company, Chaotic Harmony Theatre, in which Pavan played the role of Actor, Director and Producer in it’s various productions. Concurrently, he continued also to perform with various other theatre companies in KL such as The Actors Studio, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre and Masakini Theatre.

Since his move to Singapore in 2006, Pavan has been actively contributing to the Singapore performing arts scene, even during his course at LASALLE. While maintaining high work standards in his studies, Pavan co-produced and acted in a 2008 production of Christopher Sergel’s “To Kill A Mockingbird” and was a writer, actor and director at the 2008 Singapore Short & Sweet festival. He also worked on numerous student films, corporate events and TV productions.

Upon graduation, Pavan created Skinned Knee Productions, together with his business partner – Rayann Condy. He is now devoted to making it a major player in the performing arts industry here in Singapore.

Additionally however, having most recently completed a year’s contract with Universal Studios Singapore, Pavan again continues to perform and work with other theatre companies and film production houses; and participates in theatre festivals.

Pavan has an unending passion for theatre and the performing arts. Having now made Singapore his new home, he has found exciting challenges and great opportunities that he firmly believes will lead to greater things for himself, LASALLE and Singapore.

Rayann Condy : Artistic Director

Rayann is a pioneer graduate of LASALLE’s BA Hons Acting Program, she graduated with the inaugural batch in 2008. A Canadian by birth, Australian at heart Rayann has grown to love Singapore and is now proud to be a PR in her adopted home.

Rayann never imagined that after graduating she would work as a theatre and film actor, director, writer, producer, costume designer, artistic director, corporate trainer, events planner and teacher but she has and is honoured to have had such amazing opportunities.

Career highlights so far include playing the Wicked Witch of the West in I Theatre’s The Wizard of OZ fresh out of college and taking on the hugely complex role of Mayella Ewell in Toy Factory’s To Kill a Mocking Bird (2010). A performance which earned her very generous reviews.

Rayann views herself as much as a director as an actor. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to write and direct a piece called The Girl in the Red Hood for the ACE Festival 2010. The piece is as exploration of the Little Red Riding Hood tale, considering alternative versions and stronger role models for young girls. She also worked as assistant to Broadway director Philip Wm Mckinley on Resorts World Sentosa’s new circus theatre piece Voyage de la Vie. In 2008 she directed Somewhere Between the Sky and the Sea for Short and Sweet, which won the overall People’s Choice Award. 

Rayann is experienced in corporate training and program development and event entertainment .Rayann also works extensively as a educator for youth and children.

Rayann hopes the future will continue to be filled with opportunities to work with and learn from the theatre practitioners she respects and admires and she would eventually like to pursue an MA in Direction hopefully the program headed by Anne Bogart at Columbia in the USA.

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