Who Are We?

Skinned Knee Productions is a professional theatre company founded by Rayann Condy and Pavan J Singh – graduates of LASALLE College of the Arts. Our vision is to be a theatre company recognized for exciting stagings of modern classics.

We aim to produce works utilizing the talents and skills of LASALLE alumni members and provide a first-step opportunity for fresh graduates to showcase their capabilities and assist in their transition into a professional environment.

Meet ‘Skinny’…

Our Little Red Tricycle, the logo of Skinned Knee Productions.

The tricycle is representative of our infancy in the industry, and our determination. Do you remember learning to ride a bike? Most of us start with 3 wheels, trying to go so fast we fly, falling off, skinning our knees. Then, lesson learned, getting back on it again!

This is how we view ourselves at Skinned Knee Productions. We want to create great works, we may stumble along the way but we will persevere, learn from our mistakes, brush off our skinned knees, and pedal harder than ever before.


1. Uncompromised Quality

Skinned Knee Productions is committed to ensuring every detail of the performance is created with care, specificity and with the audience in mind.

2. Commitment to Progress

As a part of the Singapore community, Skinned Knee Productions is also committed to contributing to the growth of our industry, continually exploring, pushing boundaries and experimenting.

3. Constant Teamwork

More is always better. Skinned Knee Productions will foster a nurturing and collaborative working environment, and as such welcomes contributions from cast and crew, and encourages a borderless working environment amongst its people.

Past ProductionsOx
Past ProductionsOx
Past ProductionsMind Map of Love
Past ProductionsRagnarok